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Sunday, April 8, 2007



1 kilo of Osmallieh (Kunafa) pastry
1/2 kilo of walnut or fresh Arabic cream Kushta
5 cups of Arabic Syrup
6 cups of frying oil
1/4 cup of lemmon jam
1/2 cup of minced pistachio


It is impossible to do the Osmallieh pastry at home since that we will be needing special equipments. It is better if we buy it fresh.

1 Split the pastry into two parts and spread the first part at the bottom of a pan that has high edges (30cm width).Cover with oil and fry until it gets a golden color.
2 Take out and filter of oil and put it on a carton piece that has the same diameter.
3 Do the same thing with the second part of the pastry.
4 When it is done take one of the pieces and put in a serving plate and cover with walnut or fresh Kushta (Arabic cream).
5 Put the second piece on top.
6 Spread the Syrup to cover all the parts.Spread on top small hills of Kushta evenly, and on top of each hill put some lemmon jam and minced pistachio.
7 Serve hot or keep in the refrigerator for one day only.

Enjoy the Osmallieh


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