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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jordan Tour - Discover Jordan

Jordan Tour - Discover Jordan
Hi Friends...two days ago, I have published a post called "Jordan Tour" a bout my country Jordan, including video clips of some interesting places. After publishing it, I found out that the video clips were not working properly, may be because too many videos on the same post. Any how, I decided not to yield, do it right, and share you something different for some type of change.

So, today I am back presenting two videos, I hope you like them. The first one presents some wonderful places which is good to know about if you plan to visit Jordan someday.

Discover what's in the first video and have fun... - The most popular videos are here

The other video clip is about a famous restaurant in Amman (Capital of Jordan) which sells only "Knafeh" the restaurant name is "Habibah" located in down-town Amman. The restaurant is a busy one, no places to sit, and you have to stand up. The good part is you should wait in a queue to get your order. If you like kanfeh you have to wait. Although the restaurant is not a fancy one, but it makes a delicious Knafeh. By the way, Knafeh is extremely popular in Jordan and ubiquitous throughout the year but a lot of it is served on special occasions such as graduations, engagement, wedding parties etc. Watch...

Knafah at Habibah-downtown Amman-jordan - Watch a funny movie here

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