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Monday, March 16, 2009

BBQ Season Started in Jordan

BBQ Season Started in Jordan
The BBQ season in Jordan starts at the beginning of March specially when the temperature goes over 20 Celsius (70 Fahrenheit). So, the weather on March 13 was great in the Dead Sea it was around 25 Celsius, by the way the Dead sea is the lowest point on Earth and it's a bout 30 minutes driving from the capital Amman where I live.

Any how, I arranged with 3 of my relative families a BBQ trip to the dead Sea, we were four families (19 persons) and we managed to barbecue about 100 skewers of Kebab and Shish Tawook...!! it's a lot but if you have a good appetite the amount is OK. The good thing is they came out very delicious and we had Some side dishes like Hummus and Salad and some soft drinks. Everybody was happy specially the kids, they enjoyed playing on the Beach while we were busy preparing the lunch, as usual Mams and Dads are always busy.

I know in some areas specially in Europe and the United States the weather is still cold and you have to wait my friends a couble of months for the good weather. Good luck for all of you.


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